In today’s competitive business environment, companies fight for being first-to-the-market and capturing market share through aggressive pricing. However, many of them struggle to align their IT and application strategies with their business goals and thereby, reduce their effectiveness.

DOYEN helps companies to attain business goals by aligning their IT to their business processes. We ensure that our customers adapt to changing business dynamics by making IT from a support platform to a business enabler. We provide customized development, enterprise application implementation, application management, application modernization, and thorough testing services. DOYEN can build new applications, improve and optimize existing infrastructure and improve ROI on the IT spend.

Our primary focus is to partner with companies and empower them to have better control of IT so that they have more bandwidth to focus on core business. Our consultative approach enables us to have a good understanding of a client’s requirement for us to create robust and scalable business applications that can manage changing business needs.

Application Lifecycle

Application Resources

Application Modernization

Application Management

Application Integration

Custom Application Development

Companies often find that the software that suits their specific needs are simply not available in the market. Either they buy off-the-shelf products and customize it or manage their requirements in a cumbersome way. DOYEN understands that the gap between customer expectation and available solutions, is huge. Apart from higher customization costs and licensing issues, off-the-shelf products typically do not stretch to the exact requirements.

At DOYEN, we custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on budget. We present solutions that satisfy clients needs more precisely than off-the-shelf products can.

Having delivered multiple enterprise software projects for many clients, we have cracked the code of developing applications that fit. Right from requirements study, to design, development, testing, deployment, production, support and custom enhancements from time to time, we offer complete lifecycle of application development. In addition, clients often leverage our ability to custom development expertise in cross technologies and platforms including integrations with standard ERP and other off-the-shelf applications.

Application Management Services

Application management is increasingly becoming a costly affair and a headache for the CIOs. End users often demand specific functionality enhancement, device independence for accessing the applications, and seamless connectivity. On the other hand, heterogeneous environments, application management challenges across platforms, complexity and portability demand higher costs.

DOYEN’s application management services enable companies to deliver applications to their end users even as they reduce IT costs. We have worked with several mid-to-large companies which have multiple business applications to deliver application management services. We have adopted a combination of proactive application monitoring, performance tuning and enhancement techniques, streamlining the applications and processes to deliver increased business agility and responsiveness. We put our on-shore, near-shore and off-shore development capabilities to work so that you are assured of fit-and-fine IT application infrastructure.

Application Modernization Services

Given the fact that a large number of legacy application dominate in a typical global company, the IT team face an uphill task of delivering business results while keeping costs low. DOYEN can provide end to end solution approach to such business applications modernization and migration to latest technology platforms.

Companies having legacy application built on outdated technology, architecture and inflexible design, creates tremendous amount of technology, people and support risks. Not to mention, loss of business productivity. DOYEN helps companies to undertake transformation of legacy applications to cutting edge technologies to reduce cost and risks. Our capable team can answer tough questions pertaining to application modernization. These include renewing the existing applications that contribute value, replace and retire redundant technology and save costs, or rebuild applications from ground up with different mindset.

DOYEN brings in expertise by use of tools and products which can automate the migration process with minimum custom efforts. Our deep expertise in managing such projects can ensure seamless movement to new application systems.

Our approach

  • Analyze and Assess the current systems
  • Understand additional new business requirements and expectations
  • Design and Architect the portfolio
  • Develop, Test and Deploy
  • Help with data consolidation, de-duplication and migration
  • Implementation and drive the user adoption
  • Support the portfolio by continuously monitoring the performance and enhance

Business Value to Clients

  • Increased business productivity
  • Integrate with other applications
  • Reduced TCO
  • Mitigate people and legacy skills risks

Verification & Validation Services

Companies often resort to shortcuts while they verify and validate and miss out on reliability, performance and security of their applications. The cost of fixing bugs after release puts the company’s finances, reputation and performance on line. DOYEN offers a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans across consulting, functional, manual, automated and performance testing.

DOYEN’s domain expertise, proven methodologies and processes offer quick turnaround solutions. We have special methodologies, tools, knowledge, skills, experience and staff to identify the bugs or bottlenecks in the code. This provides lead metrics and critical indicators that help in early course correction and proactive decision-making resulting in:

  • Improved Quality and Reliability of IT and Application systems.
  • Reducing the number of defects at every stage of construction.
  • Ensuring there are no business losses during production by shipping tested solutions.

Technology & Competencies Landscape

Programming Technologies

.Net, C#,,, MVC
J2EE, JSP, Javascript, jQuery, Angular JS
Domino Workflow

Portal Technologies

Microsoft Sharepoint
IBM Websphere


Microsoft SQL
IBM Domino

Mobile Platforms


Mobile Platforms

IBM Integration Bus
Message Broker
Montova Gateway
Montova Integrator

Enterprise Applications

Salesforce CRM

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