In today’s world, companies need to be agile and are required to deliver projects faster and cost-effectively. However, the challenges are enormous given the prevalence of legacy applications, soiled approach to IT systems and less than well-thought out integrations with gaps therein. In addition, there are an increasing number of point-to-point integrations and data-exchange between on-premise and cloud-based applications.

While in theory, centralized, heterogeneous and integrated systems that deliver information across multiple platforms seamlessly, the reality is different.

DOYEN is aware of these complexities and has successfully deployed solutions to mitigate these challenges. Our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework ensures seamless communication between different applications within an IT setup. We enable smooth flow of data and information between all stakeholders in a company including employees, partners, clients and third-party solution providers and give them access to critical resources.

Application Infrastructure Services

DOYEN has expertise of implementing integrated technology platform required to make different applications in an enterprise work across geographies or multiple locations, and to manage a large number of users and transactions taking place within an enterprise.

Our Application Infrastructure solutions can provide the needed momentum across today’s changing business landscape. Our Solutions help in providing below.

  • Scalable and robust architecture to support even with unpredictable demand levels and tight budgets
  • Deliver business results despite of ever increasing business applications
  • Inject operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs with optimal infrastructure and use of cloud technologies
  • Be able to support new wave applications on mobile and social apps.

Solutions Using Below Technologies

Application Connectivity & Integration Services

DOYEN leverages reputed technology providers who have developed a suite of industry proven solution accelerators, tools and methodologies to interlink all application and infrastructure components. Through our partnerships, we deliver connectivity and application integration solutions to provide access to data, applications and information — regardless of platform, device, data formats or deployment model. They help to:

  • Reduce the complexity of accessing information between multiple application systems
  • Reduce the time and complexity of integrating on – premise and cloud applications
  • Deliver innovative services rapidly by bridging multi – channels with back end systems
  • Ensure data integrity and secure access by securing the delivery of files, messages and services between businesses and application

Our Offerings

Support and Operations

  • Middleware Server Administration
  • Message Queue Administration
  • Message Broker Administration

Integration and Automation

  • Middleware Build Operation and Deployments
  • Custom Scripts and Development

Security Management

Technologies Used

  • IBM DataPower Gateway
  • IBM Message Queue (IBM MQ)
  • IBM Integration Bus

Montova Suite

Historically, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between two parties in a highly structured and secured way is difficult to implement due to protocol incompatibility, failed transactions due to proper handshake, encryption standards, proprietary client/server architecture and bandwidth. Due to our strong partnership with Montova, DOYEN can offer a robust solution to all these problems.

Our online EDI appliance solution offers a clear and flat-fee pricing based-model to exchange any type of information in any format with any business partner. Through the EDI appliance, we connect to the back-end of our customers via popular protocols to exchange messages. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), an integration-oriented scripting tool with a large collection of connectors that connect to various back-end systems, allows to make application integration possible. Further, our managed gateways enable transactions while reducing the security concerns.

The clients can monitor their transactions via the Collaboration Portal. The EDI desk offers a dashboard view on all EDI communications. It resolves common issues and problems by introducing intermediate message models, and keeps a detailed log to pin-point problems areas quickly.

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